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Web Working for You Ltd.  A Limited Company registered in Northern Ireland, NI 061689. Registered Offices at 11 Point Street, Larne, Co Antrim, BT40 1HY

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“Brochure” Site

What do you get when you order your “Brochure” website package?  And, what is a “Brochure” site?

You get the domain name of your choice - please refer to our Domain Name page.  You get 5 email accounts at one domain - please refer to our Personalised Email page.  

You get a website, designed to your specification.  It will be of flexible design and layout, reflecting as much as possible, your specification.  We call it a “Brochure” site because it is essentially showing your Products or Services or other information - akin to a printed brochure.  I

Our charges are essentially based on a Time and Materials basis, so if your design is left to us and the whole thing is relatively simple, our fees will be minimised.  If you need some very specific design built into your website, then our costs will rise and you will have to pay more.  A very satisfactory way to minimise our costs is to provide us with a Word, Powerpoint, Publisher or some other form of electronic representation of what you would like.  This should make it easier for us to replicate and that ease will be reflected in the price to you.

We will provide an Estimate before starting any work for you.  That Estimate will include the total cost of acquiring the domain name(s)  and creating the website on the Internet for the first year.  Only if you agree to the Estimate will we proceed.

Our Estimate will include a basis upon which future charges will be made should changes be required to the site.  The inclusive housekeeping fee will cover for minor tweaks to existing pages (definition of “minor” is ours).

The website may be one page or 1001 pages - whatever makes sense.

We reserve the right to amend the Estimated fees if changes are made after the Estimate has been accepted.

If you would like a “Brochure” site, then we would prefer you to get in direct contact with us, either by using the Contact Us form or by telephone - we can then draw up an Estimate and, only on your approval, we can then buy your domain(s) and get on with the design.

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